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Blonding is NOT a one size fits all. Scheduling a "partial highlight" will never get you to your dream hair. Why? because every blonde has unique needs! Techniques advance and your Pinterest inspo pic will require my time and expert training.


It is our responsibility as hairstylists to custom formulate a plan that is perfect for each guest that sits in our chair. This is EXACTLY why I include EVERYTHING you need for a luxury blonding service in my package price. 


You will never have "sticker shock".  I will do exactly what you need to reach your dream hair and be 100% realistic and honest, because your trust is everything to me. I truly care about the health of your hair during EVERY visit.  

Blonding & Highlights
(all blonding pricing includes tonal gloss, trim (if needed), blow-dry & style)
Prices reflect the starting price, prices will vary based on products used and length and thickness of your hair.


Balayage (2.5 hours)..................................$175

Full Head Highlights (3 hours)...................$190

Half Head Highlights (2.5 hours)...............$145


Blonding & Highlights Hair Care 

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Elixir 11 Anti-Aging Leave in treatment

Multi use leave in conditioner to protect from heat damage and nourish your hair from the inside out!

Deep Purple toning Shampoo

Deep Purple similar to Fanola purple shampoo however Evolve by Tara will not dry out your hair, it's designed to nourish and hydrate to restore health and shine.

Purple Shampoo & Color care conditioner

The everyday highlight, brightening shampoo to keep your hair bright and combat brass and Color conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.