Top 15 questions about Hand Tied Extensions answered FAST!

(all pictures featured below are actual clients of Tara Johnson)

1. Do you use Human Hair? Yes.

2. Do I treat it exactly like my natural hair? Yes.

3. Can I wash it, dry it, curl it exactly like my natural hair? Yes.

4. Will I feel like I am wearing a wig? No, hand tied hair is the most comfortable and natural extension method on the market.

5. How long will the hair last? Up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

6. Can we color it to match my hair? Yes, girl there is no other way.

7. Do I need to use special products to style? Yes, I can not guarantee the hair if you do not.

8. If my hair is broken or short am I a good candidate? Yes! As long as you can pull your hair into a pony tail and you have enough hair on your crown.. it's a go! One row is the best for giving you side hair!

9. Can I add hair for volume, not necessarily length? Yes!

10. What if I want volume and length and I have fine hair? Girl, I got you just look at these examples!

11. Can I wear a high pony? YES! Best thing about this method. She has TWO rows in and can pull her hair up into a high and tight pony tail.

12. How often will I need to get them redone? Every 6 to 8 weeks depending on your hair type and texture.

13. Can I buy my own hair? No, I need to make sure it is the best quality from my trusted suppliers, if you get any amount of synthetic hair mixture it could actually melt the hair into your hair when it is curled! Big Yikes.

14. Will wearing extensions damage my hair? NO! I have someone that has been wearing extensions for two years and her hair is longer and thicker!

15. How do I make an appointment? Schedule online for a Hand tied hair extension consultation.

If you have any questions please reach out to me on instagram, facebook or email!

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