When you are obsessed with your career.

W O R K • L I F E • B A L A N C E

When you are obsessed with your career and love every aspect of your job the lines between “work” and “life” can get blurry. Add business owner to that and “work” can become your focus in life. ⠀

It is not an overstatement to say I love my clients. It’s an absolute gift that my clients choose me as their hairstylist. I 100% understand it’s a choice every single time they book with me and I never take that for granted. ⠀

That being said I give my career 110% when I’m “at work” meaning whether that’s with a client or doing marketing, continuing education, networking etc. I’m ALL in. ⠀

With anything in life, it’s important we have a schedule and are balanced to have a meaningful, fulfilling life. ⠀

Vacation. Set work hours. Boundaries. Time with family. Health. Fitness. It all needs to have its place. ⠀

July marks two years as a hairstylist and business owner and learning this balance has been an epic journey and I have met some beautiful people along the way! ⠀

Taking time off to enjoy spring break with my son and our new puppy Huxley is extremely rejuvenating. ⠀

This next business year I will be fine tuning my work hours and services that I provide and focusing on that life•work•balance. ⠀

Thank you beauties for being genuine gifts in my life. ⠀

Photo cred: Rhader

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