Why is my hair not growing?!

Such a common question. The answer may surprise you!


The short answer, It is. Here’s a test to see if your hair is growing. Look at your roots. Is your color growing out? Do you see your gray growing in? Do your highlights need a retouch? Your hair IS growing.. hair grows out from the scalp.


So the REAL question is WHY is my hair not getting longer?!


How many of you have heard it said “cut your hair and it will grow.” 💇🏼‍♀️

Our response..... “WHAT?! How does that make sense?” Why is getting a trim the answer to longer hair?


Split ends are like a 🔥forest fire🔥 they split at the ends of our hair strands and peel up breaking off our hair! 🙊 So cutting off any hairs that could split and spread, controls how much hair length we loose. {🎤⬇️}


Other factors that cause split ends and hair breakage causing us to loose our length.

Using non-professional hair products that are filled with harsh detergents and waxes. This causes our hair to dry out and coat with waxes that make it harder to brush through. Being too rough when drying our hair with towels. Using hot tools without a thermal protectant. Brushing tangles from top to bottom instead of bottom to top. Blow drying upside down burning your hair in the dryer vent.

For a personalized plan on how to grow your hair longer and stronger, ASK ME at your next appointment. I’m your stylist and I would love to personalize a plan just for you!

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